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Terms & Conditions

Musicmaker Ltd

Terms and conditions of use of this website

(Henceforth referred to as “these terms and conditions”)


1.    If you use this website

2.    Who we are and our contact information

3.    Placing an order by using our website

4.    Delivery of your order

5.    Damaged Goods

6.    Withdrawal of your order

7.    Pricing and description of goods

8.    Payment

9.    Financial packages and agreements

10.    Guarantees; Warranties; After sales service

11.    Site Usage and Service Access

12.    Copyright

13.    Data Protection

14.    Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE)

15.    If you are unhappy with us

16.    Legal issues: what our lawyers make us say


1.    If you use this website

1.1.    These terms and conditions apply to online and distance selling purchases only and apply to all users of this website (henceforth referred to as "you"), and Musicmaker Ltd (henceforth referred to as "we" or "us").

1.2.    Use of this website constitutes acceptance by you of all of these terms and conditions. We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time, without notice. Any such change will only apply to the use of this website and to any goods or services ordered by you after those changes have been incorporated into these terms and conditions or have been otherwise notified to you in writing or by email. No liability is accepted to you or to any other party by us by making changes to these terms and conditions

1.3.    By using this website you understand and accept that goods ordered by you may form the basis of a legally binding contract between you and us for commercial reasons, subject to these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions include a retention of title provision requiring full payment for the goods that you order for title in those goods to pass to you.

1.4.    If you do not agree to any of these terms and condition, please do not use this website. These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights.

2.    Who we are and our contact information

2.1..     This website is owned and operated by Musicmaker Limited, a company registered in Ireland. 
Company Registration Number: 86479
VAT Registration Number: IE 

Trading address and registered office: 29 Exchequer Street Dublin 2 Ireland


Musicmaker Ltd

Email address:


Office:         353 (01) 677 9004

Sales:             353 (01) 677 9004

Service/support:     353 (01) 677 9004

Address:         29 Exchequer Street Dublin 2 Ireland


Musicmaker Ltd management/complaints/suggestions contact detail:


Telephone:         353 (01) 677 9004

Address:         29 Exchequer Street Dublin 2 Ireland


Musicmaker Ltd General Manager

Email address:

Address:         29 Exchequer Street Dublin 2

3.    Placing an order by using our website

3.1.     Display of products and prices on our website are an invitation to treat only and are not an offer to sell or to sell at the prices displayed. All orders made by you through this website are subject to acceptance by us. We reserve the right to refuse any order and we will not be liable to you or any other party for any loss in respect of any such refusal. A full refund will be made in respect of any order refused by us.

3.2.    If you place an order through this website we will send you an acknowledgement by email (or other written form) setting out your order number and details of the goods and/or services that you have ordered. This acknowledgement is not an acceptance of your order and does not constitute a legally binding contract between you and us.

3.3.    Your order is accepted and a legally binding contract between you and us only exists when the goods and/or services that you have ordered are dispatched (or partially dispatched) by us.

4.    Delivery of your order

4.1.    We will endeavour to dispatch your order promptly.

Delay in dispatch may be caused by orders received:

Outside our normal dispatch hours

On weekends or public holidays

At times of heavy order demand; for example Christmas.

If the goods ordered are particularly heavy or fragile or valuable or where additional handling may be required.

If we do not have your order in stock or if we need to order or to have the goods modified specifically for you.


We reserve the right to amend the delivery time or means of delivery or to deliver your order in more than one consignment. We will do our utmost to keep you informed by email or telephone of any such changes; but we cannot accept liability for any reason for any delay or amendment of delivery time or method of delivery or multiple consignment delivery.


4.2.    When any of the goods are delivered to the address specified in your order, you become solely responsible for the safekeeping, storage, and proper usage of those goods. You are responsible for any liability or damage or loss however arising that occurs after delivery.


4.3.    Delivery charges are quoted to you at the time that you place your order.

You are liable (unless otherwise agreed) for additional delivery charges where:

Additional delivery charges are subsequently agreed by you.

Delivery is made to alternative address from that indicated in your order

Where more than one attempt at delivery is made


4.4.    We reserve the right to deliver only to the paying cardholders billing address when you make payment of your order by credit or debit card. Alternative delivery address may be agreed by us at our sole discretion, which may require additional credit or debit card authentication or authorisation. Orders paid for by use of American Express card will only be delivered to the cardholders billing address.


4.5.    You agree that proof of delivery to the agreed delivery address, supplied by any of the delivery services that we use (courier, post office, other), is accepted by you as evidence that the goods ordered by you have been delivered to you.


4.6.    If we agree or accept partial return of the good in your order we reserve the right to recalculate our delivery charges as if they were calculated on the basis of your order less any goods returned and you will be liable for any additional delivery charges resulting from that recalculation.


5.    Damaged Goods

5.1.    If any of the goods are delivered to you damaged, you must report those damages to us within 24 hours of delivery indicating in reasonable detail the damages sustained. We reserve the right to obtain reasonable additional detail of the damages including photographic evidence from you before accepting liability for damages reported. We will not accept liability for any damages that are not reported to us in this manner within the time indicated.


When we accept liability for goods damaged in transit, we reserve the right to collect the damaged goods from you at our cost, and at our discretion to either make a full refund to you for the price charged to you for the damaged goods (including an apportionment of delivery charges that you paid for the goods delivered); or to replace the damaged goods at our cost. We will not accept any further liability in respect of the damaged goods.


6.    Withdrawal of your order

6.1.    You can withdraw your order for the goods ordered by notifying us by email or in writing within seven days of delivery of the goods to you, subject to the provisions of this section.


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